War sector points!

How hourly points per sector works in wars?I mean, how much the increment in points vary?

Is it vary due to bracket or maps of different brackets?
How many maps we’ve for each power bracket? I mean based on power of KLG occupied sectors and not on those brackets which have different seasonal & war rewards(just say for example *expert, master & etc) .

And is there any difference in hourly points of sectors b/w expert & master bracket maps? If yes, then how much?

Thank you!!! And I know these questions maybe confusing due to my bad english :slightly_smiling_face:

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The only thing separating the brackets is the type of players, more powerful players are likely to have the new hero 10* so that gives more points than alliances with a 5* or 7*. The 2.6/2.8/3x bonuses make a massive difference

tnx ghast… I knew that my English is really bad

What I was asking is:Let us suppose a under 10m alliance captured 20 sectors at start & a 15m+ alliance also captured 20 sectors at start… So, normally they both should get equal amount of points (also assuming they both captured only non star sectors,no bonus heroes are used while attacking & captured sectors’ locations are in same order )

But, what we see is points vary due to alliance’s bracket… But, I am also confused about what is probably happening with 25m+ alliances… A 40m+ captured 20 sectors & a 26m alliance captured 20 sectors (assuming the same condition as I stated before) get different points.

Does this mean If we capture sectors having KLG occupied zones with 90k+ power will give us more points(including hourly points) than a sector which is occupied by 50k+ klg troops?
Hope this is more clear:)

As far as I am aware the stronger KLG teams give more points yeah. Facing KLG at 60k gives less points than KLG at 110k

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From what I’ve observed is the more power your alliance has the more points you receive in war. That’s one of the reasons it’s good to be at the upper limit of your bracket.

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