Alliance Wars Feature Request - Use Battle Points by Proxy

Would it be possible to grant the Commander and XO of an alliance the ability to use the unused Battle Points from a member/members of their alliance?

Maybe if the points haven’t been used after 10 hours after the reset, they would then be available for the Commander or XO to use? Just a ballpark number.


This is a fantastic idea and I’m sure it would help many squads. Often we have members going g on vacation or simply do t like Wars.

Terrible idea. As much as I would like that, then there’s no cooperation n truly becomes a power game. At least now theres still teamwork in the equation.

If 1 man can play the whole war himselfnthat defeats the purpose of ALLIANCE wars.


I have to agree with sss. This is alliance wars, not invidual wars. Having everyone communicate and function is part of the charm.


Maybe just put OPT OUT button so commanders can only choose the members who OPT IN on war.

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I completely agree with sss. It’s called Alliance War. The point is that you will perform better with teamwork. What you’re suggesting entirely removes the point of the game mode. If your alliance is struggling to perform as a unit, then it makes 100% sense that your alliance would have a low score. That’s the point. This suggestion would be the equivalent of looking at an olympic relay race and saying “Well one guy can run it faster than the others, so let’s have him do the whole thing himself”. It defeats the purpose.


Anyone know if there is an easy way to track overall alliance participation in a war? Right now you can see day by day but it would be nice to see who did and didnt participate and to what extent when the war is finished.

Look for the little icon on the bottom left. Click on that and check out the attacking stats. You can see quite a bit. You won’t get all historical piece, but it’s enough give you an idea for current status.

I share in the frustration of not having every member use there points. But if a Co and or Xo is able to use the unused points. Then I’m afraid that could cause members to become lazy bc someone would pick it up.

One thing that would be great and improve communication would be to have 2 different types of markers that can be placed on the war map. One for attack and the other for defense. Then the members could be directed to what sections needs defense teams or increased defensive power.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll pass it along to the team. I’m not sure if it’ll gain much traction, as having everyone contribute is part of the design of the mode, but I’ll present it as I usually do during our weekly meetings.

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maybe there should be a possibility to combine points with other members, but only if you want to…
so that you can still use unused points… making the most of your alliance…

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