Wasted hours of the day

Would love a unlimited mode of some sort where we could play when we have done all quests no lifes in pvp left and sat 4 hours waiting for reset and get some sort of reward for doing it what do people think?

This has been suggested before. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible for us to do. Thanks for the feedback though!

We need time to take care about our lives…the game is Amazing as it is now


wouldnt having unlimited energy make the game rather dull and useless? where would the challenge be if you had unlimited resources without earning it.

and thats the key word, earning. you get a better sense of feeling when you work towards something and finally earn it. it doesnt have the same meaning/feeling when you get it handed to you.

it would also just not work for pretty much all the mobile game companies.


Best thing to do…create another account. :slight_smile:

The whole point of energy games are to waste your time. Or else pay cash to regenerate energy faster. :slight_smile: also it helps u to not b an addict.