Ruining game

I used to like playing hero hunters but it’s getting boring due to rubbish rewards for hours of playing,similar mission,pvp miss matches(5k power difference energy vs energy)I’m playing a game I can’t possibly win.the last 2 updates have ruined the game

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so you have to grind to get your character to the next level. they arent going to just give you what you need easy. there is already a thread started about the last 2 updates ruining the game and making it “unplayable” and people leaving etc.

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I’m always one to make heros better but it’s gone from a skill game to a pvp match up game how can u win if ur playing against the same hero’s that ur playing with with 5k difference and that 3 games in a roll

PvP is just a small part of the game. the prizes tend to be ok. Hero frag, some skin tokens, pvp crystals or whatever. but thats it.

@All3y, the power difference usually appears when there are min-maxing your lineup.

Pvp is the biggest part of this game there a tournament on every week.ive played with every hero with similar power and u still get massive power difference.i

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Well, it was rather bad some one month ago, it’s more manageable now.

Having said the failure to address min-max spoofing has been causing issues in the PVP since day one.

Devs had no answer when I asked them in the chat some time back.

U did get some be4 the latest updates but I’m playing 3 in a row against teams I can’t possibly win with a lot more power.i like the game but there a lot of players quitting and I can understand why

You have to post screen shots to show the difference. For bette illustration

Like this?

@Exarch, that’s a bad matchup. You should not even have been matchup n your opponent was exploiting. Than again, we are limited to just energy heroes.

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