Weekend idea suggestion

I have been thinking that a great reward to the HH Family would be to have a free energy event. All missions would be free to run or use clear tix on. Thia would be great for all levels oc player.

And everyone who has no time to play at this event will fall back and will never be able to catch up again. Not a good idea.

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Agreed and it would be unfair to newer players who don’t have those tix or time. And then it would give the top players more of an advantage bringing forth a gap. Yeahhh better drop it. But I do support having one hour of unlimited energy

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Even an hour of unlimited energy would be a ridiculous advantage to players who have 1,000s (or tens of thousands!) of quick win tickets. It takes what, about 10 seconds to blow through a “quick win 10” bundle? Maybe for easy math we say you can burn 50 per minute. That’d be 3,000 quick wins in an hour which obviously would translate into a LOT of upgrade mats. If they are trying to establish some balance and slow down progression for veteran players (which clearly they are with the introduction of the Hernomium store) this would tilt the scales way too heavily towards people who have a huge stockpile.

Just my $.02 but I feel like Bucks are probably the “least” impactful currency in the game but also one that basically everybody needs all the time. Being able to trade quick win tickets for bucks (at a low exchange rate so as to not completely ruin the Bucks economy) would be a way to unload surplus that veteran players will never be able to use for something useful. Like 1 ticket = $200. Trade 1,000 tickets, get $200,000.

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Unlimited energy for a weekend, won’t be fair to people who need to do stuff, as an example I won’t play this weekend cause I’m on my way to a 4 day music festival, so my battery has more value for calling people then playing a bounty.

Let’s say we do a 1 hour unlimited energy moment, people sleep, we have Asians, European, north and south American people, Africans, Oceania, sorry if I forgot someone. So you will destroy at least a complete timezone, adding a second one for them to be able to play, will make 1 timezone able to do this twice, I don’t think this will solve anything.

I’d rather see extra events, more gauntlets or stuff like that for bucks or team play


Thank You Krat :grin: that’s all I’m saying

Don’t you think that would put you at a higher advantage regardless. Let least an hour would benefit everyone not just people with endless tickets

Free energy would not work at all… Do you know how many missions people could do in an entire 48 hours worth of time?
I could see people getting every single one of there heroes platinum in a single weekend… Energy limits this, which gives this game an overall goal.

I’d much rather see a Double PvP shards or Double Gauntlet shards event every now and then, where for a limited amount of time we receive… well, I think its pretty self-explanatory.


Some people have expressed interest in an addition of an “endless mode” where they could do as many campaign missions as they wanted but would get no rewards from them. Would just completely destroy the flow of the game if people even had an hour to do as many missions as they wanted with full rewards.

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