What about replays?

I’ve seen a topic like this before, but I wanted to ask again. Could we have match replays? Many games have this feature and it is extremely fun to watch through yourself coming back from a 1v4 or finally finding a way to beat an extremely hard level. If you do intend to add this, could you please, I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE add a fast forward option. Sometimes, I want to get to a specific section of a match, but that’s just me.

I don’t see mobile games with these. They do take up data space and time to implement when their folks can focus on other things.

You could also record your own matches before entering them with Screen Recording on mobile.

I have seen games with these. A few I can name are Power Ranger Legacy wars, Brawl Stars, and even TEPPEN.

Low priority, but I’ll pass the suggestion along!