What exactly is the elemental bonus?

How much bonus damage to you do if energy hero attacks biochemical, also conversely, how much damage do you lose if energy attacks mech?

It seems to be a 1.5x multiplier against each different elemental type compared to the damage they do to the same type they are. For the element they are strong against, they would be doing 1.5x the damage they would normally and against the weaker element they would be doing 1.5x damage less then they normally do.

For example, if a mech hero attacks another mech hero for 2000 damage per shot, when they attack an energy hero they would be doing 3000 instead. If the attack a bio, thief shots are doing 1000. Obviously these are just simple numbers to show the multiplier and it’s not a perfect 1.5x multiplier every time because the heros armor and elemental armor are different from each other (like butter has more armor then nightingale so the damage number will not be the same.) it varies depending on the heros level, star level, and the amount of armor the hero has but it should be roughly around 1.5x the base damage you would do be the same type of hero.

Hope this helps!

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