Some basic questions no one can answer

What happens when you’re disoriented? and when it comes to elemental damage, let’s take an energy hero for an example, their elemental damage deals double to bio, normal to energy and half to mech? or how exactly does it work? and with armor… say the same energy hero has 5000 armor, does that mean everytime he’s shot (let’s say he’s being shot by a hero dealing 20,000 damage per shot) he blocks 5000 of the damage every time he’s hit? or only the first shot? then that leaves so many questions about elemental armor and how it blocks each kind of elemental damage. and it seems elemental damage is more powerful than regular damage since elemental damage is considered a buff (hecklers legendary skins new skill for example) well how does that work against each element? we have no idea what the numbers represent if we don’t know how to interpret them. i’ve posted a similar thread months ago and still hadn’t seen any literature on the matter. just seems like the elemental factor of the game is the core concept but yet we don’t have idea how it works except for mech beats energy, energy beats bio, bio beats mech. it’s the rock paper scissors concept lol. just saying there’s dozens of stats to interpret on each hero, but without knowing how each element effects each other then the stats for the elemental damage and armor don’t help much. makes it very difficult to pick a team when we are guessing what the numbers mean, and that’s all we are doing is guessing. no one actually knows besides the devs, so would be nice to have some feedback on that, thanks!

oh and about disorienting an enemy, i can’t notice any difference when my hero is disoriented or when an enemy is, and i’ve asked dozens of players over the last year and no one knows. in fact no one even comes close, they explain when you move slower, reload slower, etc. so it doesn’t seem to be that. well hopefully we get an answer from them this time! thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts, always interested in a good idea!

Your aiming gets wonky.

I stopped reading after this question because I saw a wall, no not a wall, a mountain of text underneath. I am sure I can answer some of the questions though, if you structure them up a bit.

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just curious how elemental damage effects each each element, when it comes to the stats. and how armor works

All heroes have base and elemental damage. Let’s say Mech Hero X has 200 base and 400 elemental damage. That means he will deal 600 damage to enemies of his own element. Shooting at someone with a weakness to Mech will double the elemental damage making it a total of 1000 damage dealt. Shooting someone with protection against Mech will half the elemental damage making it a total of 400 damage dealt.
When shields come into play it gets confusing and how those work I haven’t figured out but I also don’t care much. :slight_smile:

yeah i kinda figured it was something like that, just wondering if they had any concrete info on it. but thanks for the reply

It’d be nice if you could separate each of your points/questions into a list, instead of having just one big paragraph. But let’s see here…

Disorienting: it’s an effect where most of your shots won’t land (sometimes they may land but don’t deal damage). A few can land and actually deal damage, though. Here’s the source (the “new” hero was Sapphyr, so don’t go typing anything lol).

Elemental damage: I’m not sure about the exact damage boosts, but clearly a Mech would do the most damage to an Energy, regular damage to another Mech, and the least damage to a Bio-chem. I believe you get a 50% increase or decrease in damage, depending on which element you’re facing.

Armor: there’s base armor and elemental armor. If someone shoots a bullet (20,000 base damage) at someone with 5,000 base armor, it should deal 15,000 damage.

Elemental armor: this ties in with the elemental damage issue. When someone shoots someone, I think it always goes: base damage vs base armor, and elemental damage vs elemental armor. The former should be simple (base damage minus base armor), but with the latter, I believe that if the shooter has the elemental advantage, the bullet’s elemental damage number is increased by 50%, and the elemental armor of the receiver is reduced by 50% (For example, 10,000 Bio-chem damage vs 5,000 Mechanical armor would really be 15,000 damage minus 2,500 armor). Add that answer with the answer from base damage vs base armor, and that should be how much damage the bullet will actually do.

Armor IS confusing, but armor essentially reduces base damage and elemental armor reduces elemental damage. 50% damage increase against weaker element (eg mech vs energy) 50% damage reduction against stronger element (energy vs mech). This also applies to hero skills. For example a skill dealing energy damage does more damage to a bio enemy than mech enemy.
Disorienting is basically reducing your accuracy, which is very annoying for snipers in particular as every shot counts for snipers, and disorienting causes them to.miss more.