Need Information

I’m confused how armor and damage work together of a hero?
I mean suppose hero have 500 armor so what does it mean? Smh

I also wanna know how armor is calculated. Whenever I see a skill that improves or decreases armor the numbers are very low, but maybe it’s still making a difference? People say Razorbacks Platinum skill is good but decrease armor with a few hundred doesn’t sound useful to me.

I’ve wondered the same thing so thank you for asking. Heroes with lower armor seem to die faster than heroes with higher armor BUT I only see damage numbers change based on the enemy hero’s element so how exactly armor effecting things?

I’m pretty sure it’s this simple:

Hero has Basic + Elemental damage / armour.

If Hero A does 1000 Basic damage against Hero B who has 200 Basic armour, the damage dealt is 800.

Is having +1000 armor the same as if the enemy should have -1000 damage?

I think so yes, let me check out heroes and see if this is easy to test.

In the August release Update Notes August Update Notes
the devs provide an introduction to the changes they have made. The narrative was based on Ifrit, new skins and new visuals.

In the other notes section in that thread, they do tell us they made changes creating a new Hero stat screen.

In the follow up to Role Warfare Role Warfare: Health and Healing 2
Under Additional Improvements They tell us to -Look forward to a more detailed breakdown of specific changes to your favorite Heroes closer to the release of the next game update!

With that said here is the screenshot of the visuals, the changes they provided.

Understand that there are offensive and defensive modifiers used to calculate how much damage you inflict and how much damage you’re able to counter or “shrug off” on the hero stat screen they provided. The elemental triangle in the top right corner shows you the character’s place in relation to bonus damage.

Mech does bonus damage to Energy, Energy to Bio and Bio back to Mech which together creates a “cyclical” elemental bonus damage arrangement as you may understand already.

Back to hero stat screen you now see the elemental stats for that hero to help you calculate how much damage you do not only to enemies of the same element but the other two elements as well. I believe this will be elaborated on in the future to account for all three elements.

Remember the change to the hero stat screen is not fully implemented as of yet. This Hero stat screen along with other things were just a first step in a series of updates they told us they are doing with the visuals and role warfare among other things to come.

We will receive a more detailed break down about how those numbers work but for now this is how you can expect things to clear up with further updates to come as they have explained and announced already (which is referenced in paragraph three) but I also saw it referenced elsewhere in the forums so if you find more information please inform and add.