What happened to Min simulator?

What happened to Min simulator? Didn’t they say that event was coming soon all the way back in May?

Their was one back in May end of May if I believe. Like 3 weeks before thr last razordome

There should be one coming. We’ll see.

You’re right. I thought something would happen in July or August.

They take time to implement. They don’t happen all the time, every few months. We have the Community Clash sim coming soon!


What is this community clash sim?

I’m looking forward to Min simulator. Also, will the gilded crate/ gilded token be the only way to get Commando or do you guys have more surprises?

Community Clash was a contest on the forums where we all submitted a team of heroes to be chosen as bosses in Min’s Simulator.

Here’s the contest details and entrants: Community Clash Event! Enter now!

And here are the winners; Community Clash - Winners Announced!