What happened to Min's Bedroom Simulator's insane rewards?

A little rant here.

The previous two Simulator events had incredible gold, stamina, and money rewards when we cleared certain boss waves. The rewards in this Simulator could not even hold a candle to the treasures of the last two.

What was the mindset when nerfing the rewards this way?
Were the rewards far too easy to gain?
Were the rewards too gracious for the Simulator?
Is the Simulator just too easy for players somewhere at my level and above?

The Simulator was one of the few things I’m excited about in this game, but this Simulator just made me depressed. Who wouldn’t want a gold bar injection numbering in the hundreds?

Your thoughts?


I agree with your observations @Lurking_Garbage. Perhaps the skin was designed to replace the gold. I love the skin, and is a very fun addition for the simulator; I just wished they kept a more rational amount of gold for each wave. For example:

Wave 5 → 20k dollars
W 10 → 5 gold
W 15 → 40k dollars
W 20 → 15 gold
W 25 → 500 of some kind of gem
W 30 → 25 gold
W 45 → 1k of some kind of gem & the community clash badge
W 50–> Hardscope Badge and 35 gold
W 55–> Hardscope Skin

Hopefully this might be balanced

Hardscope has been great since the update. 1 cannon shot = 100k. Also skin increases potential, so no complaints from me yet.

The rewards for the simulator aren’t enough for me to bother playing it, as it is one of the modes that constantly crashes on my phone somehow, and the hardscope skin is OK, but it has the same stats as his other skins anyway.

It actually doesnt. It has more damage. The other ones have more crit.

Yup, just noticed that…
I assumed the rare skin has same bonuses as common ones because the other ones do. Now I realized that, I kinda want to finish it.
Still not as motivated tho

My rewards were fine because my one of a kind portrait is more valuable than every golds and bucks combined in this game.

It has been heard that another community related event like this is coming again. so if you want greater rewards (that were exclusive portraits for winners), you have to prove yourself to be a greater member of the community.

The CC has proven that rewards of being a great example for the community is more valuable than 1,000,000 golds.

I did prefer the gold, but I think the skin was meant to be the highlight of the event rather than the actual intermittent rewards.

Still, my gold reserves remain none the fatter. :frowning:

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