What if fembots from Austin Powers were in HH?

Fembot: Seductive supporter
Element: Biochem
Faction: Mercenary
Position: Frontline
Primary weapon: Special, breast implanted miniguns…

Bronze: Terminate, The targeted enemy deals 90% less damage to this hero and takes an additional (x) dmg from this hero for 8 seconds.

Silver: Seduce, This hero releases a gas that seduces all enemies silencing and disorienting them for 4 seconds. Additionally, all allied heroes attack 10% faster and deal an additional (x) dmg while the gas is active.

Gold: Friends with benefits, Nearby allied heroes charge abilities and reload 15% faster. Also increases this hero’s health by (x) for each nearby allied hero.

Platinum: Forget me not, When this hero dies, all remaining enemies have their dmg reduced by (x) and their ability cooldown rate reduced until the end of the match. All allied heroes deal an additional 20% dmg for 5 seconds when this hero dies.

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These skills would be rad…

it wouldnt be allowed

Never expected it to be implemented. HH already made it clear that they dont accept community content.