What’s the best lineup for my heroes

It depends what you want the lineup for - Bounty, PvP, campaign.
For PvP you’ll definitely want mandrake, either matador, butter or halo for support, for damage scum, hardscope or bolt (ur heckler has quite a high chance of dying without proper support), razorback might work if he doesn’t die immediately. Otherwise try getting more heroes to gold, or at least silver.
For campaign its just mix and match, see what enemies ur facing and use the correct heroes to counter them.
For bounty use your strongest damage opposite elemental heroes (eg if ur facing a mech bounty don’t use heckler who is energy, use cinder, mandrake, scum etc)


What about cinder as damage instead of scum

Yes it could work scum can heal himself at gold and plat tho, and cinder’s skills can be dodged while Scum’s can’t.

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Just got Artemis and leveled her up to silver 2 so who should I take out. I was thinking Razorback

Artemis is only a proper threat at gold, as the arrows can do a bunch of different effects and it also applies to her arrow rain (bronze). You can replace razorback with Artemis if you like, but without a proper support/healer for her in your team most likely Artemis will die pretty quickly

I ran Artemis Razorback Butter Matador and Mandrake and did really well in pvp

Is it worth using nightengale rn or should I level her up to plat first

The PvP lineup u mentioned sounds really good, especially with a gold mandrake and butter with matador for healing. For nightingale, she’s a decent healer with a marking skill that increases damage of allies slightly, if at gold you can do a taser shot (which is satisfying), at plat nightingale can passive heal allies below 80%. You can use her right now, but try getting another hero to plat first such as Halo or Artemis. Halo’s plat let’s your allies do more damage with their skills, it is a good damage boost

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