I need help for PvP

Hi guys!
I’m here to ask help about PvP.
I’m very bad (as you could imagine) and I have tried a lot of combinations but no one of them works.
I need PvP gems 'cause I’m trying to unlock Mandrake: I know that he is one of the strongest heroes in the entire game.
Following there is a list of the heroes I currently have:

Dogface (he is my favourite)
Flatline (I tried her but I heard she 's not the best)

They aren’t so many because I’ ve never bought a 10x Hero Crate, but I’ll buy it soon, I hope.
I’ll have Razorback in five days through the daily access.
Can you help me? Thanks in advance!

(P. S. Sorry for the eventually spelling mistakes, but I’m not English.)

Razorback through daily access? Where do you get it?

Would be good to know which Star and Skilllevel your heroes are.

Dogface, Maven/Cinder, Butter, Nightingale and Matador/Hardscope could work.

I agree with WalleWu that it would help to know what stars and level your heroes are. I like to run 2 tanks, 2 dps and 1 healer even though thats not the current fotm. You can make a decent team with Butters and Cast for tanks, Dogface and Maven for DPS and Flatline/Nightingale for heals. As an alternate for Maven, you could sub in Hardscope for less dps but supplemental healing. Cast and Flatline (and Nightingale at gold) both have annoying stuns that help with crowd control.

Control Dogface. I like to kill healers and rezzers first. After that I tend to target enemy dps followed by the any tanks that I have elemental advantage or parity with. Last is tanks with elemental disadvantage.

My heroes are at the same level, between 39 and 41, but Cast is at 31.
Dogface is 3 Stars (almost 4) and both his skill are at 41 (my team level).
Oracle is 5 Stars, with Bronze skill at 36 and Sliver at 30.
Cinder is almost 5 Stars, and Skills are at 30 and 27.
Flatline is 3 Stars and her Skills are at 26 and 21
Yanlong is 3 Stars and Skills are both at 30.
Halo is 3 Stars and Skills are at 33 and 29.
Matador (3 Stars and Skills at 33 and 20)
Butter (3 Stars and Skills at 24 and 18, cause I don’t use him so often)
Maven (2 Stars, Skills at 29 and 18)
Nightingale (3 Stars, Skills at 22 and 18)
Beck (2 Stars, Skill at 18m, she’s not Silver yet)
Sentry(2 Stars, Skills at 30 and 22)
The others are really low because I never used them.

Thank you very much! I’ll try it!

I’d use Cinder over Maven as your 2nd dps, given the star difference. Happy hunting

I just won a match after a while! Thanks to everyone for your tips!

Dogface, Nightingale, and Mandrake are all really strong in the current end game meta. If that’s your goal, I would keep focusing on them.

Yanlong, Beck, and Sentry are really weak end game, as is Matador. You could use Matador for awhile at lower levels if you want to switch focus later on and drop him.

Flatline, Butter, Cinder, Halo, and Maven are decent enough so they are options too. Right now, the best team comp is Panzer/Ifrit/Flatline/Caine, and then the fifth is whoever you can get. Usually Mandrake, Heimlock, Nightingale, or Dogface. You can also use any of them in place of Caine, though they are generally not as strong.

Te recomiendo esta lista, Hivemend, nightingale, panzer, fratline y ifrit. Es el team que yo uso, y podría afirmar que es de los mejores, muchos en mi team usamos esos héroes para PVP, un team secundario sería, o en todo caso usalos como reemplazo por cada héroe que pierdas pero en el mismo orden que en el anterior team que mencioné, Mandrake, operator, dogface, keel y hardscope. Recomiendo que subas a tus héroes a oro y acumule estrellas, mientras más estrellas más poderosos serán tus heroes

For those who don’t understand spanish

Thanks a lot! I will try all this combinations

Hi bro don’t forget to bring healers with you. And don’t increase your loudout power too much !!
Best of luck!!

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About healers, I know. I’ll wait to have Heimlock (heard that’s the best healer). Best of luck to you too!