Rate this team

Rate this team out of 10 for PvP

4-cep, butter, mandrake, keel, matador

drop below what u think I should change and what I should keep. thanks fellas


I would get rid of Matador. He’s a good tank hero but his healing isn’t very good. u could add different healers, Fran and Duran are good options, or some other useful hero such as Jarek for his long stuns. Other than that, ur team is good :grin::+1:


I would add another dps personally as the only dps you have is 4cep. You lose him and your team will go limp.

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Also depends what level and how far your heroes are (star power/bars) but yeah, matador isn’t so good. Butter I’m iffy on only cause he would become an easy target to destroy

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yeah i really want duran. i reckon hes the best healer in the game now

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Depends a lot upon whether you are playing this team at Gold or Platinum Level .
Matador is useful only till Gold Level, Mandrake can help your Butter to survive more but still a skilled opponent will take down your Butter immediately. Castellan and Heimlock are two heroes that I generally use for PVP. 4-Cep is good but you definitely need one more dps in the team , maybe a Bio-Chem dps as Energy ones in Heckler and Siren are easy to kill. Both Keel and Duran are good healing option for PVP.

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Id say duran for sure, if he heals you you get your old fire rate back :joy:

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@vGlitchy1 if it makes u feel any better I don’t use Duran myself lol just trying to give u tips. My healers are Fran and Keel on my main team

Replace Matador with Pahalanx. Phalanx gives the entire team a nice shield at the start of a match. She also gives a small dmg bonus as long as everyone is alive. Matador only works well as a cover breaker with heroes like Cinder or Marianas that benefit from it. His cover break is nice for Keel, but there are better options.

I would also replace Butter with Flatline. She heals and revives and is a back line, so slightly harder to kill. Other than that it’s a pretty solid team.

do u think maybe putting min, kobold, fran or brogan?

Try that team is one of my favorite =4cep.astrix. phalanx. Mandrake oracle

I rate a 6 cause you’ll be able to get some quick wins if you play as 4cep.

I agree with earlier posters. Change maybe matador with a power house. 4cep gets killed then your team will (slowly) die off.
If you use 4cep, I would say bring an energy dps as well. If they have a green hero that takes your 4cep, you can counter with that energy hero. Just my opinion

Yes, he is the best healer