Which side of the Gorgon raid does your team end up on?

I’m curious why I end up on the left side of the gorgon raid 90+% of the time. I’ve seen others say the same in the past in other topics so I’m wondering if there’s some people that have the opposite experience as well. If Some people are nearly always on the left, then surely there should be people that are nearly always on the right.

if this isn’t the case, then what’s actually going on? Are there bots being posed as players with alliances and everything? Or does the game auto-play a player’s team from the server similar to gauntlet?

It could also be that the ‘host’ connection as seen by the server defaults to one side, but that seems questionable personally since while I have an amazing connection at home, my connection at work can be spotty. Mostly I’m suspecting some obfuscation by the devs of how many players are actually online at a given time. (not that this would be a bad thing, just a little shady to not make it transparent.)

  • Left Side Almost Always
  • Left Side Slightly More Often
  • Around 50/50
  • Right Side Slightly More Often
  • Right Side Almost Always

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I’m with you, I am VERY rarely placed on the right side… idk why…

I know though that the player you’re playing with is not posed as a bot, because every time I play with an alliance member, rather than completing the objective and destroying the Gorgon, I like to aim at my team mate, destroy all their cover, and stagger them in the middle of a reload or skill charge like the asshole that I am :stuck_out_tongue:
They have made remarks like “thanks for destroying all my cover” after a match, so they are definitely aware and are playing with me in real time.

I guess some people are just destined to be left-siders :frowning:


:joy: :joy: Love this hahah. At least there’s confirmation that SOME aren’t bots then!

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I do them with alliance mates and carrying, 9/10 I’m the strongest player, it’s weird that when I finally do it with a higher player to trade I also face left :joy::sweat_smile:

I have noted that in gorgon that the player with higher power is on the right and in city hall the higher power player is on the left

@Nachtmer So 35k is lower then 10k? :joy::sweat_smile:

@Omnipotent I know it’s a team effort and all, but as someone who is assigned to the left side almost 95% of my Gorgon matches, I feel like I am being disadvantaged in the sense that I virtually never get first access to the Gorgon’s backpack… and I’m sure everyone who voted the same as me feels exactly this way.

May I propose that the Gorgon doesn’t always 100% turn towards the left side to where it’s backpack is always facing the right side? Maybe the devs could make it to where the Gorgon has a 50-50 chance to turn either to the left or the right side…? That way, no matter what side you’re on there’s no feeling of being disadvantaged and there’s an even chance for you to have the backpack turned towards you, which as a player is what I want when playing Gorgon.

EDIT: I know the left side has access to shooting the Gorgon’s backpack (at the very tip of the top right corner), but the hit box is exponentially smaller than what the right side gets to initially shoot at, and that is what I mean when I say “disadvantaged”