Gorgon: left vs right

Has anyone else noticed the difference in power up times between the 2 sides? Right side my counters start empty, left side they start about 40%. Noticed this first when partnered with someone who had the same heroes and his were firing up before I hit 50%. Over the last week paid closer attention and no matter who I played with or what heroes used, left side always fired up first.

Yes it is. On the left side, heroes begin the mission with 40% charged, while on the right side, it is empty.

So is this on purpose or is it a glitch?

I suspect it is because the Gorgon almost always targets the left side so it is to give them a boost. But who knows lots of random stuff nobody has the answer to

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I wish we did have the answer to some of the sillier questions…

Is this a recent change? I never noticed it. With the old Gorgon, with a decent teammate, we would kill the first wave before any abilities popped. As soon as the second wave would start we both would have Dog’s ability ready.

Just started noticing it with the new gorgon, but it may have been there before.

I’ve always noticed this as well. I just chalked it off as giving a few randoms an extra boost. Didnt think about position. Hmmm.

Left is better. But for some reason, 90% of the time i’m on the right. It’s always been that way for me.