Gorgon, size of him or hitbox

Is there a way to make him a bit slightly bigger so his hit box is a bit better to hit?

His front is a little hard to hit if you don’t center shoot him. If you’re a little off you don’t hit him, it would really help to Pace it up.

Maybe a little size increase would help us to hit his front, no trouble with his back side though, but I’m mostly faced against his front and I’d like to shoot him a bit harder


Or you may just aim a bit better. Honestly, its not that hard…


I think you missed the point. You miss until you adjust from missing because of the front hit area. Increasing the size of the hit area in front is what will alleviate the aiming adjustments to bull’s eye drilling from the onset of the match; which then leads us to a faster conclusion 3 and 13 times a day. That sounds pretty efficient to me.

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No, i totaly got the point. He wants to have an easy raid changed, so its even more easy. If you want to do it faster do quick win or aim better.

I also start on the left side 95% of the time and have to aim at the back piece over his head and also have to deal with his missiles, how do I increase my chances to start on the right ? I don’t think it has to do with power

Better aiming isn’t helping

Bullets just don’t hit his front side

his front side is not vulnerable until his back piece or one of his arms is destroyed and his front shield goes up thus exposing his weak point (big red circle on the front and back). also when he attacks he’s shortly invincible. the trick is whe you face him from the front to attack the back piece, there’s a really little rectangular part thats exposed over his head that you can shoot at and when your ally also shoots it it gets down fast enough that he gets vulnerable. I think you probably know most of this already but I was not entirely sure you meant

Its a coop Raid, so one of you always has the chance to attack his back piece and after its destroyed you both can attack his weak parts.
I still dont get your point. The raid is realy easy. If it gets more easy and faster, they could give you the rewards just for free.

It’s already easy, problem is that his front side doesn’t register the bullets, I don’t mind if they make the raid harder, but right now it’s just waiting a long time before he dies while bullets constantly miss his front, all the turning and jumping doesn’t help to speed it up

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I suspect Kraterios, being the leader of a top 50 alliance, has no problems beating Gorgon. It’s not about the ease of completion, but about it taking longer than neccessary because of the wonky hitboxes voiding half the shots.


This^, sorry wasn’t in the mood to answer

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The hitbox on the back is big enough to hit it easyly and its not designed to hit it from the front.
After taking down the cover the hitboxes on the back and front are big enought to hit them, too.
Two platin Dogfaces take him down in 15-20 seconds. How much faster should it be?

As i said before. If you want to do it even faster, use quick win.

Quick win in coop raids? Erm. Also, it’s not about the shield but about the massive, exposed orange core in the center which has a terrible hitbox, making the ai waste 80% of their shots. I hope can you provide a worthwhile contribution to this topic rather than repeating arguments that are not related to the posed problem.

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Sorry, quick win was dumb.

AI is stupid, we all know that. But teh solution ist to play it by Hand. Like I said, a good team needs less than 30 seconds to bring him down. This makes about 1 Minute per Gorgon raid, if you add the first wave.

If this is to much work, you may should change to an idle game.

In my opinion the hitbox doesnt need to be bigger. The player on the backside can destroy him quickly. If you both have plat dogface you’ll see what i mean. Or play manual ,takes around 30 seconds or go auto pvp and have your hands free.

It’s not a question of difficulty or the level of any player. It doesn’t work the way it was envisioned from concept to design. There’s an implementation flaw during the exercise of battle. We are asking to fix it or if it’s a programming manipulation headache, introduce a solution that will reflect hits accurately; such as to increase the front target hit area to fix it in a simple way of accuracy, not to make it more easy.

To target or even mention someone’s skill level, experience or inexperience is irrelevant and uncalled for in any discussion for a game system problem, failure or issue. Don’t you agree?

Please re-read the rules and use the guidelines for you to further participate in this forum with consideration and respect to other sitting members.

@WalleWu Skip to 1:50

I shoot directly at the center of the stomach, (using almost an entire clip of DogFace’s) and it does no damage. This happens quite frequently actually. I think this is the type of thing @Kraterios is referring to, and I agree that this needs to be resolved.


@Poobgloob Thank you very much for sharing with us. You’re right on que with this.


Tbh original post is kind of unclear.
Don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth but some gripes and/or suggestions I agreed with or would put forward:

  1. Shooting at Gorgon is annoying for one of the two participants at any given time
    SolA. Make his jet pack more visible / move less
    SolB. Make his front damage able

  2. Gorgon missions are easy but repetitive
    SolA. Given (a) Gorgon barely does damage except to AIs that are too dumb to avoid the laser, and (b) if you’re swapping there are 6 of the exact same mission every day, the difficulty should be derived from ensuring the damage can be done within a short timeline. ie lower the timeout time or give gorgon a smaller weapon that’s going off between his special attacks.
    SolB. Make em two a day instead of three or run every other day (don’t support this but it’s an option)

Notes to keep in mind:

  • those on the forum are a self-selected group of people who have invested a good amount of time or money into the game and are not a representative sample of players so comments like “do all of them manually every day” or “just have more platinum heroes” are unhelpful at best.


Never experienced this. But thats not a problem of the hitbox beeing to small, because you clearly hit that. This for sure needs to be solved, but if this is the type of thing Kraterios meant, he wasnt really making that clear in his start post.