Whomever is in charge of pvp/co-op pvp should be fired

You people making these matchups have got to go. And I don’t want to hear “the computer program does it” you are in charge not a program

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This isnt a new topic as it has been an issue with Co-op PvP since it launched few years ago.

you can still get rewards for the event by playing solo matches. its less of a headache than Co-op PvP.

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It’s becomes more important because This is not a new topic. A lot of players don’t get rewards due to it. I hope deca would pay attention to it and will fix it.

Genuinely hope you know this is not DECA’s fault. Neither is it someone who is ‘in charge’.
The system simply works, as it was implemented, that if there’s a drastic difference between allies you’ll get matched against opponents that are higher. It’s a punishment system and it’s been in the game since it came out

I think they just need to overhaul it entirely, maybe make it so teams are “required to be within a power level of each other, so that pairings are more accurate (I’m talking team wise not opponent wise)

Also fix enemy matchmaking like cmon dude, either bots or don’t pair us with maxed dudes, there is nothing we can do,

Hate to state the obvious but the pvp matchmaking hasn’t always punished players for unbalanced teams to this level. It started when co-op pvp was introduced, before then you could sandbag all you wanted and most times you’d get a bot, or a team close in power. This issue is annoying to say the least, and the guessed logic behind the pairings nowadays helps nothing

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Honestly inviting players to join you seems fun, but a restriction preventing your payers from sandbagging would be nice, as well as FIXING IT SO YOU DONT PAIR GREENS WITH RUBIES

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I love the response from people are “just deal with it”, “it’s not the developers fault they can’t fix it” there’s no accountability in this game its always something else’s fault instead of the developers


They are just the people with the rubies that like the ez wins, like bruh, why can’t the devs fix it??

Devs can fix it but i feel like its a goodie for the cash players . Easy wins


So any high level player who happens to match against an unbalanced team is a cash player? Most are just people doing their things and it doesn’t earn DECA money if they win. Take the L and move on you don’t always get to win

Yet again, crappy attitude and entirely unconstructive. Yeah, it is mainly cash players that benefit from those match ups - Okelly and I have seen this in game constantly.

Add to that, they suck for anyone trying to build up, or even just have fun in pvp. Telling someone to essentially suck it up and deal with it when it’s clearly broken helps no one


I’ve never said it’s broken. But it’s not like it happens 10 times in a row. Now, you can say all you want about my attitude but yours isn’t and hasn’t been any better or more contructive

It has happened more than 10 rimes in a row. Back when coop pvp started sprite or i would post up screenshots but they would be deleted as spam. Dont talk about something you know nothing about, like normal
Coop pvp has been a issue from day 1 it should to be fixed and stop giving a free for all to the cash players. Put them in their own bracket and make them fairly work for it like everyone else


Yes you’re right. I know nothing about this game. I have definitely never played it in the last 5 years so what do i have to say huh?

Yea it’s not that, it’s the fact that it when people have lower teams that are pretty even in power and they are match with sandbaggers. That’s the issue

Why some people expect sensible & honest response on internet specially from someone who used to worship HHG devs when they were here & now does the same with DECA devs because, their old masters have left them. Can’t they see their double standards when they said “DECA is dealing with the mess HHG has created.”? Or the time when a hero gets nerf/buff , well anyways


Like why not just temporarily remove inviting to team, to prevent sandbagging, or just put in a method that won’t let you play if your too far apart in power?

For someone who knows nothing about the game your sure have alot of opinions.
Dont feel bad some people are slow learners


Ehh. Not like trying to prove them wrong will work. These people don’t know what they’re talking about either and you can’t convince them of anything. So what’s the point right?