Cry for Help To Fix PVP Matchmaking

While I have been playing PVP events, there always seems to be a mess up in matchmaking, resulting in a not even fair match. Especially with this new tournament, it is very prevalent as seen in the images below. This is a cry for help to fix it and make it more enjoyable for players.

Evidence A:

Evidence B:

Evidence C:

Evidence D:

Please fix this next update


I feel your pain. Especially since there is an event so I feel like I have to play coop pvp. It’s not fun to lose lives for matches where there is no possible way to win. It would be bad enough if it happened every 10 games or so but now it seems to be closer to 2 out of 3 since many people now know the coop pvp exploit to get matched against lower players. Here are a couple I took while trying to play the event.


I believe this is a fitting argument which better addresses Verril’s abuses (rather than the blanket claim that he is OP). In standalone pvp he isn’t OP, but co-op pvp makes Verrill a prime candidate to be abused. In that regard, I agree with your sentiment. :+1:t2:

It’s not just Verrill, however. Serial and other high-potential DPS heroes fit that category.

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There is a pretty mayor difference between you and your allies power. Which results in a sort of system i guess that matches you against another unfair team

If that’s your argument, then the other teams have a bigger power difference so why is my team punished?? Besides I auto-matched so should I get penalized because HH matched me with this person? That doesn’t make sense. More likely than not, these higher teams know the coop pvp exploit which really needs to be fixed.


Reasons why i don’t bother with Co-op PvP. You can use the most basic teams, not even high plat or even stay in gold. And you’re paired up against well, you guys know. Tbh, it’s just not worth the headache or stress when the enemy is at least 50k+ in power higher than you and has a high ruby hunter.

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If you don’t like it. Regular pvp works too for events. Hope that might help. I know it doesn’t fix the issue with coop but at least it’s a way around

Can we stop with the new heroes for just one update and focus solely on bug fixes? Just take a breather and fix the problems with pvp, bounty levels, etc?

Here’s some more screenshots of this pvp bug/exploit:

Also, when I select a team like say A) Sapphyr and B) Ifrit in that order, and when the match starts I’m Ifrit? Why? I picked Sapphyr as the first hero. That’s a bug and it’s getting old.


The bug with who the game sends you in as is based on who your team mate sees in 1st position. Have no clue why, it isn’t based on highest power from what I can tell.

The unbalanced reasoning for being matched up badly is a croc. If that was the case, the unbalanced ruby team would also be punished which they clearly aren’t. They’re rewarded for paying tons of cash to the game. Not saying it’s deliberate on HH part, but the fact is, they are definitely getting rewarded…

And “go play regular pvp” is not a great solution if what people enjoy doing in game is pvp with the co-op aspect.

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