Why is co op pvp so bad?

Actually it is super worse. I hate it. It’s stupid. No worth playing. Why ?

It’s such a shame
Me and my player got the same with way more power teams 6 times. Why. Hh games is making a joke on us ? They’re laughing in the office? What is going on ?


It is clearly observed that your opponent does not have any bonus, which is very unfair, I have suggested on some occasions that in all PVP events, only the 2 bonus factions can participate, in this case masterful and klg, many players do not use The bonuses in 2vs2 pvp events, that’s not fair. and it is getting very annoying also the matchmaking is horrible, I understand your anger friend and well hopefully the developers take action on this.


when coop pvp was released… Then, a rebellious player in vip chat was telling everyone that he knows how match making is working… I hope he’ll come here to show us the right Path.

But, yeah… After eliminating crashing & uneven match making… Coop pvp is very nice & enjoyable… One of the best mode in hh

What a funny game mode. :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:

I have to agree with you. When coop pvp first came out I was excited but i knew its gonna take a little to get the bigs outs.
2 things I cant stand is the complete mismatching and playing against the same team twice in the row.
You get matched against teams 4x your strength and when you play again, you play against the same team again.
Makes it boring after awhile.

I do hope they can work this out more cause the coop pvps could be fun too


The first picture is Outrageous. I cannot believe it. Worst part is the developers know about it. They just don t care.
Super sad

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Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Co op PVP is loads of fun. Match making is epic in these photos

wow, that didn’t take long.

Openly discussing potential exploits on the forum is a violation of forum rules. Thanks.

You are playing with severely lopsided teams of your own. You have a 10* ruby Kunoichi paired with a platinum 6* Orbez. That’s a 14.5k power difference between your two heroes. The system sees this as sandbagging and is punishing you accordingly.

Now THIS is a problem. Less than a 2k power difference on your or your partner’s team, and only a few bars and 1* at most, yet you are facing teams over 3x your power (nearly 70k higher). This should never happen, no matter how few people are playing to potentially match you against. You literally have no way of winning, even with a team of your own that is twice as powerful.

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Not one picture in this thread has a balanced team on the part of the ones complaining. Treat the matchmaking system right and you will reduce this. And try not to use doubles of a hero, that messes with it too.


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