Why does Beck have such crazy high power?

She has some of the weakest defense in the game too… I’d love to hear the explanation for this.

She has the highest baseline damage in the game and offensive modifyer.

Meaning she is all round great at killing even Bio heroes.

Her specials damage wise are poor but raw DPS is good.

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It’s because the way HH assigns power values is mediocre at best and sometimes, like here, they get things wrong.

See also:
Hero power of Ryker (similarly penalized with a high power rating)
Hero power of Nightingale (benefits significantly from an under-valued power-rating)

She also has some of the lowest baseline hp, that’s supposed to the tradeoff. Why does she get this massive 2k power penalty?

She dies to breach and clear at full health, that’s the tradeoff for her above average dps… even though her low cover damage and high RoF make her weapon dps unimpressive too.

On other similar high dps heroes, they dont have 11k+ power at plat 7*.

Power isn’t “assigned”. It’s an aggregate calculated stat. The power differences between heroes lies entirely on the differences in their base stats. She isn’t getting a ‘penalty’ in power, the algorithm is just set up such that the stats she has don’t drive a high power.

I’ve complained a lot about the power calculation because it’s completely asinine that stats drive power but ability value doesn’t. I don’t have the motivation this early in the morning to re-type my thoughts so I’ll just copy/paste some stuff that I’ve said to Huginn. (One of these days, I’ve been meaning to make a full post about it but I’m still cooling down from my bounty change post :stuck_out_tongue: )


I would assume power would also account for the scaling of stats as the hero gets stars or whatever.

If it really is just a multiplier of their base stats without accounting for scaling then that really is horrific.

But it’s not like Beck has crazy high stats or Nightingale has crazy low ones. Beck’s crit chance is 2%, her armor and health is among the lowest in the game. Her DPS is crazy heavily skewed toward “white” damage while her mech DPS is abysmal. The only thing she has going for her is her baseline DPS but even that number isn’t accurate since it doesn’t account for:

  1. Her high ROF still means anyone with decent armor is going to mitigate ~30% of her damage.

  2. [Corrected by Papa_Marsh]

  3. Even if she did have crazy DPS, her super low HP and armor should balance it out for her power calculations.

Likewise I don’t really get that explanation for Nightingale. My 8* gold Nightingale has 297,876 health… my 8* gold Fortress has 303,526 health. Nightingale also has 8% base crit to Fortress’s 2%. Nightingale also has 2,500 armor to Fortress’s 2,700.

The only reason Nightingale’s DPS stat is on the low side is that single-shot weapons are the only weapons in the game where the DPS includes reload time (because their fire-rate is measured by reload time whereas other weapons fire rate is simply measured by how many bullets they fire per second). But that still wouldn’t explain why other heroes like Moss who have similar stats and mechanics have so much more power.

It is. I’m talking strictly about the power differential between heroes. IE: the factors that contribute to a power difference between equal level/star/rank/skill heroes. The power calculation heavily skews toward heroes that rely on base stats and completely ignores heroes’ reliance on abilities.

This is not true. The RoF and DPS shown in-game for every weapon include reload time.

One thing I also wonder is the power scaling based on the base star rating. Gale is a base 1 star hero. I dont know if or how this factors into her stat scaling, but in most games it does. Even though all heroes can reach 10 stars, 10 star heroes that start at 1 star will be weaker than others that start at 2,3,5, and 7 naturally. However, Beck has always been a bit of an anomaly in that fact as her power rating is actually closer to a natural 5 star when on equal rank.

I would think that HH has a lot put into this algorithm for how they calculate power rating. Thats why we have only seen small tweaks for it during Role of Warfare changes. Of course thats all assumption.

I think you’re right about ROF, so I’ve redacted that.

As far as stats v. abilities, at least abilities are flat in power. Plat Beck and Plat Nightingale should both have 3,150 power from their abilities. So why does 7* Beck come with 8,800 power in stats but 7* Nightingale only has about 5,000?!?

Right that’s exactly my point. Stats and abilities need to be either both flat or both scaled to their value. The fact that a difference in base stats alters a heroes’ power is misleading. If stat differences drive power, then ability value must also do so.

Every hero in the game should have equal power with the same rank/star/level/skills - THAT’S HOW BALANCE WORKS. By implementing a system that doesn’t follow this basic fundamental balancing law, you as devs are suggesting that some heroes are meant to be innately more viable than others. Since we know that this obviously isn’t true given that some heroes rely on abilities more than stats (looking at you Nightingale), then something needs to change about the power calculation.

The entire failure of a system is flabbergasting.

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