Power wise hero not being used?

More a social conversation with you all. Thanks all for finding the eggs to everyone as start. What I was thinking and I know developers always work on the nerfed and buff hero’s to make this game updated and balanced for the whole game modes in here. Pvp, bounty and wars. An example of what I mean. Klayton xianjiu carabina my 3 heroes that I never use on pvp and bounty wise I don’t command them to do damage. But they are good on power wise for wars. And only my personal opinion the first too great on health but not on damage and carabina is the vice versa. My opinion maybe they need a bit of a buff.
The question is: what’s you top 3 on this matter?
Thanks to you all.

Klayton has the damage he’s just lacking the aim, xianjiu seems to rely on crit like commando, and carabina works pretty well with Oracle and baron.

Power seems to be based on the stats of a hero, at least to an extent it plays a part. This was seen recently with 4-cep who after getting his dps halved dropped around 500-600 power. There is likely an algorithm that calculates the power based on the given base stats for each hero

We’re missing the point of what I am saying. What I mean is separating the heroes. Which one is great power wise for wars and which is great bounty damage and which one pvp based hero. What I am saying is your top3 hero power wise for wars that they are not as great for bounty and pvp. None is all around hero. I’ll give you an example. Cep that is a beast for pvp doesn’t do amazing points on bounty damage. There is other heroes on bounty that do more point but on pvp none can do more damage then him. Or let say you get a great amount of pvp winning games with cep. My question is your top3 that are power wars focus? And this is so I learn the heroes more as see how to use them to their best extent

Serial? Is he worth updrading for pvp? And any good teams for him?

War is always straight power

Do you mean best for wars that still have some utility in pvp and/or bounty (different questions)

I think it may be easiest to go to skathis account and look at top 10-20 heroes in straight up power. There are several guides here that talk about whether they are good or not in pvp or bounty.

My person ones would be 4-cep, Alvarez, kurtz. Maybe sapphyr and Duran If you need 5 high powers Heroes who are also good at pvp. Bounty is less predictable and most “dps” type heroes in the top 20 are effective

Note that this may change with the two new heroes who are max-worthy.

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