Why is the global channel not accessible to people from other countries?

I would like to talk to other people in the US, Japan, Europe and other global channels.

There is no global channel, which is a bad design, in my opinion. “Global” just let you talk with people that have the same language. Being unable to change language is also a bad idea, even more when the game already has language files downloaded (if you change your device’s language, the game will also change languages, and you will be able to participate in other global chats)

Our chat channels are separated by language, according to the language you have set on your device. There’s a maximum amount of concurrent users we can have in a chat channel at once so if we were to put all VIP players into a single channel, our servers wouldn’t be too happy :slight_smile: Seeing a true global channel with working translations would be awesome, but we have to invest in a lot of new technology to make that happen.

Since languages are already downloaded (changing my device to english didnt download anything, as far as I know), could you give us the chance to change languages?

Spanish translation is sometimes confusing, and this would also solve what OP is asking for.

@GTSaiko I’ll ask around and see if that’s something we could support.

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