Why why why ? Devs

I need an explanation. Why’s pvp is matching this. Playing this morning London Uk time and 90% of players in pvp that i get are 5000 -19000 more power then me ? Why the f is this happening. Should i play like this the player in the screenshot with no bonus heros and all my powerful heros ?

I don’t like this.


Your obrez is 29k, your 4cep is 28k. Your phantasma is 17k. There is over 10k difference between your strongest and weakest heroes. So you get punished.


The power gap between your strongest hero and your weakest hero will affects your matchmaking in PvP…

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Plus his team isnt the best :slight_smile:

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Yep is true, but same thing for me , not only for ~10k between heroes!! I have plat balanced team 20k~21k and each pvp game i am vs 1or 2 ruby in the ennemy team, so i die in 2s, really need to change. since the addition of ruby, my pvp games no longer make sense.

a maximum gap between the heroes will be a nice addition, really tired of seeing kurtz with a level 1 or francoise only with 2 heroes

Sorry but it’s nothing to do with power difference. Both myself and Okelly have posted loads of screenshots where we were balanced and the other team were sandbagging with a couple rubies… regular pvp is almost as flawed as co op pvp when it comes to matchmaking. And the ruby team in that shot have 23k as lowest and 31k as the highest so how come they aren’t penalized

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