Will we ever truly utilize our Nano Dust Or Will it no longer be a feature Devs?

Will this nano does situation ever get addressed?

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No comment …

Nano Dust

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Tell me about it! Lol

Seriously, there needs to be even a small way to get access to these past rare skins and ideally mythic skins by a crate.


I totally agree with you bro. I mean seriously what is the purpose of collecting dust literally :joy::joy::joy:

@Jado, aye yo… you converse with the devs on the regular can you pass this message along? Much appreciated man.

If it’s on the forums it will likely be seen by Willow, she will pass it on I’m sure. No need to ping jado tho lol.
unless for bonking purposes or Batman summoning


That’s right! :relieved:

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I will be sharing this with the team for sure!


Hahaha… Right thanks for the confirmation bro…

Thank you so much Deca! My apologies for the delayed reply, I’m super excited to be able to actually clean up some of that dust that’s been collecting LOL.

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