Skin Nanodust

Sorry to winge/whine, but I still have 7,500 skin nanodust and literally nothing it can be spent on.

Please either allow us to purchase Muerto, Blood Wraith, and Vice with Skin Nanodust,
Create some new skins that can be purchased with Skin Nanodust,
Give us the option to convert Skin Nanodust into some other resource.

We’ve been waiting far too long to be able to spend it on something/anything.


-Well the Vice, Blood Wraith are exclusive skins, so they are limited of course. Won’t be rare if everyone can buy them
-New non-exclusive skins are on hold till further notice
-could only see dust being converted into money

Not good enough IMO.

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Problem is when the devs do release new skins most people probably have a bunch of dust so everyone buys them quickly so the devs have to make new skins again

All about making people spend gold on a slim chance (less than 5%) on crates. Skins have become a cash grab now

It would be great if we could convert nanodust into skin tokens. For example, 150 nanodust = 100-200 skin tokens.

Or be able to use Nanodust to upgrade skins since skin tokens are expensive and limited. Like an option to buy the skin again using nanodust in order to upgrade skin levels.

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I get your frustration, and think HHG needs to get the ball going on this. Skins used to be a really cool part of the game.

I really don’t understand why they can’t make 3-4 common skins and put them in the exclusive hero skin crate as easier-to-obtain items. Then, when the next update rolls around, put them in the skin crate, allowing them to be purchased.

The point is, they have to start doing something other than the RNG exclusive nonsense.


An issue with nanodust I see is that there is nothing to buy with it, yet you can still get it for duplicate skins. I got the 4cep skin 4 times. I usually do not get squat but not this time. I have all of the buyable skins so the nano dust is useless for me. I agree with the suggestion to let us use it for upgrades or convert into something useful.

I would suspect that for new / newer players, the skin crate and nanodust are not completely useless things. But, the skin crate and nanodust ARE useless to me…at least with nothing changing. So, why not just make nanodust something I can convert for war coins then? Or something, anything.

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first off, skin nanodust is decently hard to get, so have fun with war coins…
but cant we just have them to bucks? im sure some people still need bucks

Or something, anything.

Being able to transfer our nanodust into other resources isn’t a bad idea, and I’d also like to see some new skins too

That’s the problem. For new players it’s extremely difficult to get skin tokens and nanodust. Skin tokens are only available through a few stores and are incredibly expensive. Nanodust is a little easier to come by if you get multiple rare crates for the skin-of-the-month. Neither tokens nor dust are available in enough quantities to get even a fraction of the skins available though.

Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have older players. When skins were first released you got tokens for almost every reward. I amassed thousands. HH stopped releasing new skins at the same frequency, but they were too slow to react with reward changes. Because of this people have 10k+ skin tokens or more and nothing to spend them on or anything to do with them.

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