What is the purpose of Nano Dust?

Obviously, we all know what its used for.
But when we can’t buy older rare skins, rarely do we get skin chests only to keep accumulating more dust!! It’s basically annoying. Can we finally put the Dust to use devs with characters we might’ve missed because of RL living?
I’m looking at about 8 old skins that would make a significant difference, if I could buy them with the flux of Nano Dust I’ve gained in the last few years. Verril should be one first on the list

PSA: Vanguard (for those that don’t know) Gray skin can be upgraded to lvl 6 there’s no indication or marker on his skin but I was Bored and Found out one day. Haha


They should make the vault crate purchaseable for 5k nano dust, making all that hard saved dust worth something, although it seems expensive, it’s quite cheap considering that many players have thousands of dust and skin tokens while owning all available skin, this would make getting skin like fiber, verrill, commander, and others much easier,


Also fun fact; there are multiple hidden spots plus skins, hecklers green has it too, most just know ones for heros like phalax or valance, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WTH DO YOU CALL THIS?

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I too have 45k+ nano dust. Still waiting for it’s use

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Right its pointless almost lol

You bring up a good point. I like the idea of opening a vault crate for 5k.


@Jado Broski… Look into this and get back with us asap. Or DM me… I got a Question for ya as well bud.

I’m not a developer. Just a player who is passionate about the game. :wink:


Tbh, you would make a great dev; first thing you would do is prob make a mythic for saphyr

Edit; I would make one for my boi Clyde,


Saph is 20x > Clyde.

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Ehh, maybe, especially at ruby, but Clyde is the go to for mech dmg,

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Lol yeah yeah… Looks like we might have to commence a vote For you to get on that panel.

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@BasherBenDawg Lol I didn’t even read this comment before I even said that haha! SnowBall Effect😏? Lol

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Just going to sit this right here… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Butter… casts a :neutral_face::smirk: at the fella staring at the abundant amount of dust:

foreshadowing :no_mouth: ahhhh we see what you did there cheeky fellas…

:thought_balloon:: you should’ve donated a few bucks and drink a red bull. It gave me Wings…

Smh… Sigh… :money_with_wings::tea::hot_pepper::thermometer:

I added a suggestion about a full revisit of Nanodust. Thank you for raising the issue! :raised_hands:


@bulls.eye glad I could be of service! Looking forward to the results! Thanks man.

Missing good old days: I was excited to get nanodust, so I can buy nightgale a new cloth :-/

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