From yesterday I am trying to beat the win in PVP Division 10. It s. Really difficult

Shielding isn’t everything m8. You gotta attack as well…look at your opponent’s line up…all attacking. You need to find the balance


Thank you for this valuable information

Balance? I think it’s pure idle talk this balancing business for a long time I spent in PvP thinking so is the biggest lie they could invent this balancing business today game as follows as much defense and cure combo attack but that is cowardice PVP makes us  Always send opponents up to 10k 20k difference so I changed my strategy I will send you a print of my fight … 

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When I said to find the balance.,…I merely meant balance between attackers and shielders. He went in with all healers and that’s never good imo


If you get the subway station for example… castellan’s shield covers almost the entire team depending on their positions.
Leaving mauler and Ronin to attack with halo for incredible support

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agree missing a wrecker

I understand what you mean and you are right and thank you for your interest
If I needed advice I wouldn t go anywhere and wouldn t ask anyone else except you

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