Yaegar & Artemis pvp tourney again?

Last pvp tourney was Artemis … why are we replaying same tourney again?

hopefully it’s a bug

This month already is screwed up. I hope this update doesn’t blow…

it better not! I got high expectations for the update

That’s the way it was on the published calendar. No BUG.

You do realize that last tourny was matador right?

@Mgns first faction tourney was matador

Gleesh last tourney was supposed to be Artemis but was matador.

U can check hall of champions to see

There was 2 matador yeager PvP tourneys none with arty yet

Oh ok gotcha . I thought last tourney was arty lol.

I thought it happened before to i had to check lol

This whole month screwed up smfh

Since they had to postpone the update maybe they had to rerun this event.

This was the very first calendar for April:
Let’s take a look at the Hall of Champions:

03-19-2019 Yeager + Matador
03-26-2019 Yeager + Oro
04-02-2019 Yeager + Heckler
04-09-2019 Yeager + Matador
Next: Yeager + Artemis (This PVP should already be with the new hero)

Is the new update so huge that the April calendar had to be changed several times, or was there an error in the update so that it had to be (partially) rewritten and you squeezed in a Yeager + Matador tournament again?

Lmfao! Calendar is way off

We had to recalibrate the calendar a bit but the correct one is posted in the thread!

Here have a fresh one:

Did I miss the PvP brawl on the 13th ?

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Nope, there was no brawl on 13 April

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