Yeager: Round 2

Hello Hunters,

As some of you may have noticed a second round of Yeager Buffs went live yesterday!
Here is a quick rundown of what has changed and what you might notice as we head into a Bounty weekend.

Archangel: the Cooldown on this skill has been reduced from 45 seconds to 30. This will allow you to use this skill sooner and more often in the fight. This is a HUGE change and really makes Yeager pass out damage like he is Oprah giving out free stuff.

Another big change is the amount of mana he receives when shooting his enemies and also gets a little bit when he is hit. This combined with not needing as much for his Sound Barrier skill will really keep him shielded and in the fight for longer.

Now lets talk damage. The Damage from his shots are going from a base of 180 to 210, with a crit bonus of 210. PER SHOT. So he is definitely a damage dealer. He will also shoot a little faster too, to really lay down the cover fire.

Now with all these boosts to damage, he is a real DPS Hero, but being good at one thing means he will suffer a bit in other areas. So make sure you shield him as much as possible while he cleans op the enemy team.

We are all really excited to see what everyone thinks, and hope you find him as much fun to play as we do!

  • Nikon

I don’t know why, but I’m sure someone will come complaining about the new yeager

He’s amazing dps against bios omgggg

I like him, but im disappointed that he doesn’t trigger halos plat skill. That would make him an absolute monster when he gets his silver off.

Edit: Just to be clear, my Yeager isnt too strong yet so i havent seen him at his best.

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Perhaps his gold skill should, but not the others.

@LordNikon excellent rework of this hero … on behalf of the members of OWN we thank you

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Not sure what youre talking about with him not triggeringhalos platinum. He triggers it like crazy for me.

A couple of things:
1st: kudos to the design of this character. Really cool look, even if he looks like he’s a staft seargent in The Monarch’s Minion Army from the Venture Brothers.
2nd: Not a particularly useful character in PvP but love taking this character into Co-op play. Does serious damage vs Gorgon or Helios.
3rd: Thank you all your hard work. This character might not be a top tier character but is still enjoyable to play.

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