Hello! :fist_right::fist_left: I haven’t posted a video on my YouTube channel for a long time. they often write to me in the game, where did I go? and why am I not making new videos? in general, I’ll get straight to the point. I don’t know which video to make, really useful. I want to ask players’ opinions and ideas. write, do not hesitate. :grin: I also want to ask you, what are the most difficult missions of the extreme mode? I can make a separate video on the most difficult extreme missions. Using different teams of heroes so that more players can complete these missions. Thanks to all. write your ideas in the comments. :fist_right::fist_left:


Extreme 1-8 is usually tough to get 3* for a new player who just stepped up in extreme.


Skin Rankings or skins you would like to see.Idk

I was about to suggest this, I have it three stars now but the team I used doesn’t work anymore lol. A buddy of mine is having issues on it now as well

I got 3* on 1-8 by using serial+hive+ronin+siren+oracle.

But, it took me almost 20 tries to Finally got a combo with my currently maxed heroes…I can’t wait & put resources on other heroes to pass some specific missions… That’s why I was asking… If someone really got more 2-3 combos for some tough missions then, I’ll really appreciate that person.

But, using KURTZ team is a great idea & nothing against it…just saying cuz, not everyone got KURTZ or serial

I would really love to see Ranking Videos, I know they are a bit controversial ( as everybody has their own opinion) but the ones already present are totally outdated giving wrong information to the new Players. Also some Team combinations are Fun to use together in Co-op Raid , Co-op PVP and Normal PVP. Lastly help for those Extreme Missions. Really looking to forward to seeing your Videos.

Very Easy lol

Kolgan Games? Look like you don’t know real name of your channel, lol. Or you just forget add extra «s» letter?

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Keep it on topic folks. There’s really no need for personal attacks.

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