YouTube Channel from Russia with love

Hi guys. :slight_smile: I decided create my own YouTube channel and now you may feel famous Siberian colds with endless Hero Hunters harisma. :slight_smile: Have a troubles with 14.10? Extreme missions? Don’t know how beat Helios and Gorgons in most speed way of possible? Welcome. Very soon I will add more videos (I created all this only last night, lol). I love PVE in this game and know many various combo teams, tricks and challenges. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Link to channel


This is awesome!!! Great work Otersey!

A question, I really really want to make a yt channel for this game to. I actually had one, but are you gonna edit and how, as all of this is on a phone most likely

Subscribed! Nicely done!

Search BUSYJONON on YouTube and check me out I started it a little while ago :grin: BUSYJONJON all caps

It’s Shivs time!!! :slight_smile: Add 2 new videos with pass of 2.3 (Extreme) and most quick pass of Mech Daily what I find on this moment. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Big Thanks to all you guys. You reaction is good motivation.

@Robert_Pronk I does all things with mobile phone. Current Google Play Market have is surprisingly awesome apps even in free segment.

Seems good, keep it up I hope you’ll grow fast

Start of new week and add new videos for channel. :slight_smile: Hard versions of 10.10, 13.10, 14.10 and Energy Daily with outstanding Commando. Have fun :slight_smile:

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Surprise, Hunters! Add 2 videos with first look of Pariah and one comedy video with Matrix bug in PVP. Have fun! :slight_smile:

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Here we go again! :slight_smile: Add new videos with challenge play for solo beat Master difficulty of fragments raids eith Pariah and 3 videos with presets of teams for Bounty Event. Have fun. :slight_smile:

Аdd short, but fun video, with new awesome combo for Bounty Event.

Pow! Pow! Pow! It’s alive! Alive!!!

After long pause chanel it’s active again. Add videos with Dojo, City Hall and 1.8 Extreme. Now each day will add Razordome challenge. Also add few videos from request soon. So stay tuned and have fun. :wink:

I’m back! With 2 fresh new videos first look of Marianas. Have fun! :slight_smile:

P.S. l forgot wrote there about my previous videos so if someone miss last few days like me (lol) you may watch of epic conclusion of my Razordome solo quest and another first look videos with Marlowe (I unlocked her before last Bounty Event).

Change descriptions and previews for my last videos. Real first look will be add after Alliance fragments Event. This is real bad if first look don’t have piloted gameplay of new hero. Thanks to all for feedback in PM. This is real make each next videos better. :slight_smile:

Rise and shine Hunters.

If someone searching of good combo for current Bounty Event I add videos with all decent combos what I may find. Plus channel also have fresh challenge play video where Msrianas best fragments raid om Master difficulty in solo. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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