Make pvp faster in between matches

There has to be a way to shorten the time consumed in between matches. The match time is not the problem. Its how many steps to get another match going. I suggest going from the end results screen right into the hero pick screen. You always have the option of backing out. The fight ends, you pick heros and fight again. Also only display the win crates every time you win the crate instead of every step. This will promote more pvp play in a less amount of time. Just a suggestion. Thank you.

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I also find that the post-match animation takes a while too long. Consider crossing out all the heroes who died in one animation, instead of marking each hero’s death by a separate red cross. That, and the points rolling could be increased in speed too.

All the animation time adds up, especially for the players who play alot of PVP. Upwards of, say, 10 matches, you don’t really enjoy seeing the post-match animation.


You’re literary talking about like 15-20 seconds. It’s that too slow for you? Some of the stuff I see on here that people complain about is really silly

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I don’t think that giving feedback, on any aspect of the game which any player feels can be improved on, is unimportant.

On the other hand I don’t see any useful purpose for people to complain about other people giving feedback!


Its all about time. No matter how small. Personally i use every heart in pvp. Thats more matches that can be counted.especially considering i win and i have 70 heros at 4 hearts each. Do the math. Yea its 15-20 seconds each but add that up with over 100 pvp matches a day. Also not considering the hero picks for each fight so were talking a average of 45-60 seconds each match. Thats roughly a hour or more a day just getting in between matches. Thats at 100 matches. I do way more then that a day so the time consumption is actually more then a hour or 2. Only a true grinder will understand this. Lol

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I second this request. I also rarely play hero drafts because of this issue - it takes too long for a match to start

My issue is the whole user interface, we need to many tabs to get done what we need(besides endlessly red dots) simple example; buying frags in heronium store when they cost 500, the amount of time just to buy that is annoying, especially when you have 3 of those.

I really think after those awsome updates that we get next update(aw, gauntlet) the menu should get a overhaul, that’s one of the things that annoy me right now, and it would be awesome if that’s more smooth and faster for all of us

There are things that can be done to speed things up. But with all the other changes that they’re making it might be a while before they could really revamp the whole interface. One thing for purchases that would be very nice is the ability to buy Max instead of having to constantly click buy.