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I asked about something to make heronium farming more easy & convenient and hh really responded on that topic not by commenting on that post but, by working on it… Action speaks louder than words… What we got now is… Wr can’t even farm heronium from non-evolved(don’t the actual/technical word but, what i wanted to say is:–> Before this update… Explaining it by an example:Let us suppose my Beck is 10* & i want to farm heronium by her from hard missions… You will see there’s no way to go in hard missions for beck’s frags once she got 10 evolved but, if got her at 9* & added all 1080 frags on her but, left her without evolving at 10* then, you can click on (+) button to go on her hard mission where u can farm her frags & eventually it’ll tunr into heronium… But, after this update… That thing is also restricted…
So,“IN THIS PANDEMIC SESSION… WE NEED TO PUT MORE EFFORTS” to become more active & do some finger exercise,right? Or is there any cool & good reason behind making it more inconvenient?
I believe there’s must be some good reasons behind this which we are again not allowed to know, i hope someone noticed it but, it’s fine… I also want to do more work these days, have a great day:)
Putting some ss to for better understanding


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