10 star Character concept(Remastered)

Okay… Now as I start pondering my previous topic… farming 10000 shards quite lengthy so instead what if in order to get a 10 star hero you had to have 5 heromium shards. 1 heromium shard is 500 through 1000 heromiom gems.

*Heronium sorry for the mistake

You could have edited the post, right?
And people have to grind for a 10*, I feel like there is nothing wrong grinding 1080 frags for a 10*. A 10* is something earned, not given

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If you were reading, I proposed that In order to get a 10* hero you need a specific amount of heronium shards(not gems). In order to get a heronium shard you must “fuse” a specific amount of heronium gems. For example, 1 heronium shard is 500 heronium gems.

I see no reason to have this feature, I wouldn’t like to see anything about having to fuse heronium and just grind frags to a 10*. It seems like a waste to add a unnecessary roadblock to a 10*


I agree with you. It would just overcomplicate things