The second 10*

I have one 10* hero. His name is Dogface.
I have also one 9* hero, Mandrake.

What’s the best practice? Is it a good advice to pump all my green fragments into him till he gets to 10*? Will it pay off in the long run?
He’s at 200 fragments now and I have 600 green ones saved up so within a week or so I could potentially have him promoted to 10.

Definitely go for 10 stars. Drake’s frags are easy to get so the amount of heroniums you can get in a day will be satisfying. With thise heroniums, invest one more hero to 10 stars for more heroniums.

That’s my thought. So no regretti spending all spagetti on Mandrake? I’ll have a guaranteed 9 frags from Hard missions daily and a lot from PVP store.

Bummer would be if they swapped him out in the PVP store.

I actually stopped using mandrake, but I use him still as a heronium farm, and I had enough fun with him when I used him though

Would you say it’s an good investment to pump my 600 green frags into him to get him to 10 faster? He is after all one of the best Heronium farms right?

You can get him on the hard campaign and PvP chest, so with a little luck you get some extra out of it.

But I don’t want to say do it, cause if you’ll regret it later it’s my fault you lost 600 bio frags haha

Only problem with drake is that his hard mode frags take so much stamina. But you could use videos for 8/9 of them!

You can get him to max frags without actually converting him to 10* and still get heronium. This might make more sense on your team. I paused on making him 10 after maxing his frags because I didn’t have a lot of heroes that powerful yet. You want a balanced team too. So you get the best of both worlds. Worth it to get any heronium farming heroes you can, however, 600 frags is a lot. It may serve your team better to spread it out to make a few heroes gain their 4 and 5 star instead (I haven’t seen your team).

It’s all too late now I already spent my bio frags on other heros! :open_mouth:

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!