A Proposal...?

My proposal is that maybe there is a sort of heronium store revamp. As is, it is only available upon unlocking a 10* hero. I do not have any ten star heroes yet, and I often get duplicate heroes, who I tend to not be upgrading (callidious, pris, etc…) and so I would love to see a choice upon opening crates. The choice would be whether you want to sell unwanted frags for heronium, which could then be used in the store (for lvl 25+). I’m not really new to the game, and from what I can tell, it is relatively difficult to get a 10* hero, and I think this Change would help make the game more accesible for new players. I understand the devs can’t directly use community ideas, but please consider if you will. If not, please consider something similar.

Before heronium you got nothing for reaching ten stars… Keep farming, heronium is kinda like a premium currency. Eventually you’ll get a ten star, I recommend Cinder first as you can farm her easily. I think that the heronium store should be hidden until a player reaches a ten star hero so the store isn’t useless to new players cause its not there yet


Fair. My reasoning behind this was to make lvling up easier. There are uni frags, element frags, and other items that are useful to this, all in the hero store.

I’ve gotten heaps of elemental frags and universal frags without buying the from heronium store. Most of them come from events.

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Pick one of the four heroes you get from the daily quests and focus on them and then pick another. Getting a hero to 10 stars doesnt really take too long and gets exponentially faster with each one. I prefer to focus on 10 stars vs getting platinum bars


Very nice. Beginning to understand. I figured there would be controversy here, but I am now persuaded against myself. Gg, feel free to close the topic (note to mod devs).

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