Heronium and the strange maths

Since i got my first 10* I’ve been looking into the Heronium store more.
Isn’t the offers a bit off?

Today I needed 5 fragments to evovle Gammond from 6* to 7*. I was happy to see him in the Heronium store, but why pay 300 Gems for 3 of his fragments (that’s 100 gems for each frag) when you can just buy the blue fragments cheaper (approx 50 gems for each frag).

And who in their sane sense of mind would ever buy the universal fragments for 200 gems / fragment?

I ended up buying a pack of blue ones, and pack of orange ones.

Am I missing something? It’s a proven fact I am no good with maths so please explain the value of not buying the most affordable deal?


The Hero frags are more expensive, because you can unlock the heroes with them, while the elemental frags can only level them.

Bought some Halo frags on first day in shop instead of energy Frags. Not many occasions I felt more stupid :sweat_smile:


Ah. That is a point but it doesn’t make much sense if we already have given character unlocked. :slight_smile:
So what about the universal frags? Who buy those instead of twice as many frags in the color you actually need for the moment?

I read in one of the posts that this is a way to prevent stocking of elem fragments.

Do we all get the same stuff in Heronium store each day? I have Halo, Keel and Maven at the moment. If this is the case, that would be the explanation, why you have already unlocked heroes there.
The universal Frags could be for players who want more after the element Frags are sold out. They are more expensive, to slow these players down a bit more.

Keel, Francoise and Gammond in my store.

Then it could be the same as the universal Frags. After you bought all the element Frags you can get more, but get penalized for it, by paying more.
Or they don´t want it to be to easy to get the last heroes you are missing, because they appear in store everyday.

I just buy the energy, bio or mech shards, just for the hero I’m working on

We can’t get the same staff because you get only those heroes that you don’t have 10*

As WalleWu pointed out, hero frags are more expensive because they can help you unlock heroes (For example, if I find Odachi in the Heronium store, I could buy enough frags to unlock him)

Heronium store actually limits how many shards we can buy a day (60 of each element, for a total of 9000 heronium / 180 duplicated frags). If you get more than 180 dupes a day, you can’t buy any more elemental shards. The universal shards and hero-specific offers are there in case you win A LOT of dupes, probably to avoid people stockpiling that resource without any use for it.

And Heronium store, just like the other stores, is personal. Every player gets different offers every day.