10%?! why would you give ronin the guillotine now?!

How on earth can you nerf a hero 10% all the way around… and why now? this is just ridiculous and only shows developers don’t know what they’re doing!!! i just can’t believe how many of us in this community have said something SINCE 2018 about ronin, and they just ignored us or chose to keep him OP on purpose. there’s no other option lol, either they didn’t know because they don’t read the forums or they did know and chose to keep him that way on purpose. i’m sorry but i’m tired of upgrading and spending resources to get him maxed just for you to nerf him to crap. panzer, nightengale, ronin… ugh this is frustrating and everyone knows most people on these forums are HH minions because i talk to the actual community that plays this game at the top levels and they all agree.

and look, this doesn’t mean i want ronin to be OP. it’s way past the time he should of been dealt with, and we shouldn’t get use to using certain heroes and develop our skills only to have the hard work and time ripped away from us. it’s obvious ronin was being used to sandbag for MONTHS, but can we please get some consistency? and can HH PLEASE listen to the community?? the only reason i can think of for not listening is either they are too arrogant to admit when they are wrong and the community is right or they have a system of revolving OP heroes for money reasons. maybe it gets everyone to start spending again to upgrade the next OP hero, but i can’t think of an honest excuse for this 10% nerf 8 months and HJNDREDS of threads by the community later…

and for those that complain this is too long or not “structured”, you’re insane and have never read a book i’m guessing cuz this isn’t even as long as an article in the NYT. i tried to separate paragraphs to make easier for you to consume… lol please do me a favor if you agree and reply so HH might change this model of revolving OP heroes in this game, it’s so frustrating!!!

last point- i know 10% is insane, cuz when you play butter and he has a 10% energy damage nerf it’s crazy how much harder it is to kill off an enemy, and that’s only elemental damage. idk what exactly 10% they are nerfing but i’ve heard from several people they are nerfing him 10% so whatever that means i know exactly what it means…

to see them on dateline in a month for this savage murder

I am glad about these changes but I’m not sure it will be enough to stop the 10* star Ronins in 7* teams. He’ll still be the healthiest, and he’ll still be powerful enough to pop other 7* heroes. But until matchmaking gets smarter to prevent minmaxing I welcome more nerfs to him and other obvious broken heroes.

The update notes can be found in the thread ‘June 2019 Update Notes’.

The only thing the are nerving on him, is his plat skill:

Honorbound bonus Damage per charge reduced by 10%

It really is not that big of a nerf and was definitely overdue. Unfortunately he is still OP to sandbag with. Tournament starts soon and people will still sandbag using him.

I do partially agree that instead of nerfing skill should have been adjusted to not make him ideal sandbag candidate.


I am so happy over that nerf.
It is making PVP less painfull and hopefully a lot less 10* Ronin to deal with.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Things get needed because people exploit things to oblivion and abuse it until this needs to happen.

He will still be top meta. 10% is nothing lol.

Like previous people have said, the 10% only applies to Honorbound:

This isn’t the first time Ronin was nerfed, as you insinuate in your post. Ronin was nerfed last month, which can be found in May’s Update Notes:

I know you’re not new to the forum, but reading the Update Notes before making assumptions would be helpful to you.

Also, just because Devs don’t respond to every thread on the forum, that does not mean we’re not reading them.