I am making an apology

Well looks like i put my foot in my mouth, they only nerfed honorbound on ronin, and no one even uses eviscerate unless they are trying to disrupt a hero from using a skill like stopping savages spray and pray. so ronin is gonna be fine, the nerf won’t change him at all. the big nerf in my opinion is ifrit, they released him with unfinished business reviving heroes to 80% health on average. and since the week he was released (omg what a clusterf$&@ pvp was that week i’ll never forget) they have nerfed him over and over. i think it’s a mistake, but no one really listens so i have no idea why i make these threads lol.

so to end, ronin is gonna be fine and will still be as OP as ever. you could completely remove honor bound and still not change his meta status. sorry if i spread misinformation i will read the patch notes before making a thread next time. people had the wrong impression in the game.