Wtf is happening with Ronnin?

Besides some of my mechanic heroes are not making counter damage (such as my Hideo not making element damage to energie Heroes), I don’t understand why Ronnin is so overpowered.

This guy killed all my team and the worst thing was that he killed my Hideo just with two shots.

If you can’t understand, Ronin gains more neutral damage per a shot when he has a teamate with less max health than him, oof

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Your opponent is kind of sandbagging with ronin is the problem.

These kind of Ronin team’s are the most common team’s that I see lately.

complete minmaxing without enough punishment, Nothing new, same problem from 6 months ago


Ok, yep. Let’s say that.

But, how do you explain this?

1- My Hideo wasn’t doing element damage to Ronin. (either to Castellan).
2- Ronin began the match with a shild (idk the amount of that shield and Idk where it came from cause none of his heroes have that skill, at least at gold, I guess.)

1.) Hideos skills deal neutral damage.
2.) Ronins shield load pretty fast if you aim good
3.) Plat Ronin with skin has about 450k Hp.

Overall nothing abnormal, just a sandbagging team.


Ronin is broken by design,
he is made for sandbagging. The better you sandbag, the more OP he becomes.

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That is very true that he is made for a sandbagging team. Never really thought about it till now just knew whenever I seen a plat ronin with 4 low star golds I was screwed lol. See a lotta guys using this now more than before with ronin. He’s a power house out the gate with all others having lower hp. Sure they may modify this down the road.

And to think, people used to complain that he was one of the worst Heroes in the game!

We all change as we grow.


Yes! And he gained popularity even before you gave him enhanced riposte. It was like from day 1 (“Ronin sucks!”) to day 2 (“Ronin OP!”).
Quite extraordinarily.

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LOL, ok thats me who beat you. I’m pretty stoked you posted this, thank you. I have 4 teams I pvp with, and this is definitely one of them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Ronin this way. I autoplay this team mostly and I don’t always win. I probably lose 30-40% of the time when autoplaying. It’s not a hard team to beat, especially if you can take out my Ronin quickly. I’m toast. I have no problem exploiting this. It’s an effective strategy. You should try it.

Here are two other post I quickly found about this same subject. Happy to be part of the Ronin sandbag club. Farm those gems baby.

People are also forgetting that the last PVP event was an elemental brawl. No elemental bonus or penalty. This event is perfectly set up for Ronin sandbagging teams.

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