13 days of Helios? Whyyyyyy

Anyone else thinks that Helios is the least enjoyable coop there is?

Dojo is my favourite…

Followed by the stadium raid (which has many names the most recent one of which is Clone Lethality)…

Then City Hall…

Then Gorgon…

Then Helios.

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As far as the raid itself goes, Helios is definitely the best (coolest). The problem is that the difficulty is skewed so outrageously between each raid. Dojo is effortless. Grab a few mechs and set it to auto. City Hall is slightly more challenging, but you can still set it to auto and forget about it. Helios on the other hand is drastically more difficult than anything else out there. Obviously at the top level, everyone is just throwing it on auto anyway, but the utter lack of difficulty balancing across the board for co-ops is pretty shocking.

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Not to mention that its the only co-op for me that has a 100% chance of crashing the game for some reason.

Contact ssupport Should help

Nah pretty sure its just my phone

I am just glad that this cycle of helios will finish before new hero arrives