Helios is not great


Does helios feel stronger to anyone else this go around? I’ve been losing in helios a lot more this set and i feel that the halved rewards that helios gives is unfair due to the massive spike in difficulty it has compared to the other co-ops in the game. I understand the devs wanting to do a reset to help the economy keep flowing, but having to do two resets in a much harder co-op to max out frags for the day seems like a bit much.


Try using better suited heroes like Hivemind with your co-op partner, it will definitely be easier if both of you are using him.

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Helios balancing has not been touched in some time, so no, it’s not any harder, though your mileage may vary depending on who you team up with, who you bring, and how you approach it.


Whiskey if you need help with Helios let me know I will tell you exactly what team you need to succeed! Always here to help out my fellow alliance mates :sunglasses:

Helios is easy, don’t know what anyone is talking about it hard, send cara and literally destroy the helios without even shooting the vents

Usually go with several healers and a damage person. But really hate hideo and Cain in this, so try to take them down as best as I can.

Between my self and the other team there are like 3-4 healers. We need it to survive it

Hivemind and Halo make it easy. I use Maven as third but it doesn’t matter too much.

Helios, by leveling, is no different than Dojo or City Hall. What makes Helios difficult, however, is the fact that the Helios itself hard enough to do some major damage, combined with the support of Caine, Anvil, and Hideo.

I wouldn’t say it’s not great, it’s just fundamentally different than other frag co-ops

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Use Siren, Halo, and Hivemind and it’s usually really easy as long as they are sufficiently leveled (at least 9* and 3 bar plat). Have your partner use a healer or two with a damage hero (or another Hivemind if you really want to make it easy mode).

Siren’s song crushes all the adds and Cinder/Kaisi in the beginning, and hits all parts of the Helios at the same time to amplify the damage. Hivemind’s drone’s help take the big attacks away from your heroes so they don’t die as easily.

The biggest problem I see is people try to burst down the Helios and leave the real damage dealer, Hideo up. He stuns and doesn’t a ton of damage. If you aren’t using the team above the kill order should be Caine, Hideo, then focus on Anvil or the Helios. All of the Helio’s attacks are easily dodgeable once the turret is destroyed.

Kunoachi castellian and flatline can beat it on auto with pretty much any partner team. It’s no harder this time.

Works like a charm, when a hivemind drone dies it triggers Kurtz retaliation so they get damaged constantly. This triggers halos platinum + 2 sirens causes lots of damage coming at the Helios quickly.


People in our alliance were saying it felt like it was more difficult. I ran with Xianju/Duran/Purifier and friend ran with Hive/Halo/Alva and it was a walk in the park. Didn’t seem any more difficult than normal. So, besides Muninn saying it hasn’t been touched in months, I really didn’t see what the hooplah was all about.

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Agreed… helios is 10x harder than any co-op… you can’t disagree with that lol, it’s a fact :3

A majority of my team use halo, siren, and hive. Pass it with no struggles. I used to Deffinetly suffer trying to beat Helios but since we started using that no issues at all.

Seriously the best combo.

Hah! never thought of that. Nice one!

My partner uses kunoichi dogface and heckler. I use hivemind Oracle and whoever I want. I do like Wesson. We use 1 healer my Oracle .

Alright, thanks for the response Muninn, any particular reason why it gives out fewer frags per win though?

I think it was said in the past that every coop map is meant to be different, so Helios is the least with Dojo as the most and city hall in between I believe.

This is the weird part though. Helios is regarded as the most difficult by most people so you would think it would give the biggest reward.