Helios descends too hard

Do you think Helios descends is too strong. I find it the strongest of the coop raid and I have to go lower difficulty because it is too hard


I think the difficulties are broken a little, helios 90 is ridiculously hard but city half 90 is a joke with dojo being somewhere in the middle. I am not sure if they are meant to be like that where it goes easy, hard, and very hard when you’d think they would all be balanced


It is definitely the most difficult. But I don’t think it’s too hard. You have to be smart about the partner you pick to run with you as well as the heroes that you both use. Plus you have to manually run it instead of using auto.


Totally agree goblin, certainly more difficult but not too complicated, my partner and I even use, kuno x2, phalanx, flatine, cain and matador, and it works perfectly well


Helios difficulty is fine the way it is. Just bring good heroes that does great amount of healing and damage and not bringing dumb heroes like Ryker.

But one thing I question about this coop is that the rewards are not proportional compared to dojo and cityhall.


It’s hard as hell, but that ain’t a problem since I love the challenge at the same time. Just gotta partner with someone smart, that makes it even more rewarding.


Helios is heavy, really? Personally, I do not feel it that way. Of course you can win faster / better with a strong player than with an average player. Try different combinations and talk to your friend if necessary about the team composition

I do not use any of these heroes (though an interesting combination) I use Halo synergies

I like that Helios is actually challenging, yet not impossibly hard. My only gripe would be, as has been pointed out, Dojo, City Hall, and Gorgon Wakes are EXTREMELY easy in comparison. They all are rated as 60k power, yet Helios is the only one where you actually need close to this. The rest could be done at 40 or 50k fairly easily. The power level should be lowered on the others to better reflect their difficulty.