Coop raids

We Also need more CO-OP Raids that rotate weekly like the single raids do. I mean Gorgon Wakes and Assault on City Hall are getting a little old fighting the same guys over and over. I am kind of new to the game been playing for a few months now. I haven’t really seen any new CO-OP raids that rotate like the single daily ones do?


Yeah a TON of people feel this way, especially with Gorgon Wakes, which has been around for the longest time and gives crap rewards for the work it takes.

Gorgon is so easy. Even at 70. My alliance members and I will run it with off the wall heros. Just to make it more challenging. Sometimes using one hero each. They do rotate dojo and city. Recently adding a special event co-op. But I agree, we need more and different co-op’s.

Gorgon is quick and easy to do, but it still doesn’t make it any less of a pain when you have to do it 6x every single day. If they aren’t going to replace it with something new after several months, the least they could do is combine all the rewards into one raid rather than have it done 3 times per player.

They should replace gorgon with helio mission from 9-11 campaign
Who agrees ??

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That’s one tough mission. Or maybe 11-10. That’s a difficult one as well

When played against 6 heroes and 2 controlling players it will become easy

I’m agreeing with you. We need more difficult co-op’s

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