2022 Winter Community Contest Winners


A huge “thank you” to everyone who participated in the contest! I was in awe from all of your submissions and they made the mood even more festive!

The team also had a pretty hard time picking their favorite submissions, so I am happy to announce that along with the 3 winners, we will also have a few honorable mentions that will receive the following reward:

:sparkles: 50 frags, 100 gold, 1 Vault Token :sparkles:

And now, let’s see our winners!

:1st_place_medal: Avatar Mellow
:2nd_place_medal: Squish Mittens
:3rd_place_medal: Countryguy

And here are the honorable mentions:

:medal_sports: Bendawg8
:medal_sports: PROPHET
:medal_sports: 4040IRONBLADE616

I will be sending the rewards to all the winners on Friday, January 6th. I might need to contact some of you on Discord about those, so keep an eye out for a DM from me! :eyes:

You will be able to see all winning photos and honorable mentions soon in the special channel in our Discord server.

I truly hope that this contest was enjoyable for everyone, whether they participated or not. I will be honest and admit this is the first one I organize. And now, it’s time for reflection for me before thinking about possible future ones. I’d love to hear your feedback on what you liked or didn’t like about the contest itself and how it was announced, so feel free to share in the comments, it will be greatly appreciated!


I felt like this was well executed a a wonderful event, although it might have been hard for some people to win considering they might not celebrate the holiday.


Almost all rewards have been sent out! Thank you once again for participating! :blush:

P.S. @PROPHET Please get in touch with me regarding your Hero of choice.


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