4-Cep bugs and Bronze attack

His Bronze is blindingly flashy and gives an unfair disadvantage to hitting him back since u can hardly see him, or his head for the matter. If this was intended then it should be treated as a status and the skill damage should be dropped. For a char that NEEDS headshot to do any meaningful damage to, this is too unbalanced especially when it’s not a skill feature (meaning damage numbers were not calibrated accordingly if it were a full status effect for balancing). And it’s not like the guy is already a backliner TANK with loads of nice covers and a revive as well.

Also when I get hit by his Bronze, I flinch non-stop (the kind you get when your cover breaks or you take first damage of the match).
That means I eat his full damage like a sitting duck without being able to shoot back or activate any ability. And if the continuous flinch was intended, then…don’t even bother putting it in the skill description, just scrap the character and fire the design team because that’s just outright broken.

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Oof, he gets stuck doing the dab :joy:

It happened to me too, he was acting like a statue.

The only thing that’s wrong with him is the bug with his silver. Other than that he’s a greatly designed hero. Pvp shouldn’t be as easy as you want it to be there should be some challenge other wise the game mode will just be dull. We have had 3 great back to back heroes (which I applaud HH for) but saying scrap the hero because you don’t like how it works; is just simply terrible. Maybe some more practice should help?


Perhaps you should read properly. I’m saying if eternal flinching is an intended effect of Bronze, then they should do that because that’s a blatantly unbalanced design.

Note: I doubt it’s intended. Very likely a bug. Just mentioned that in passing in case.

The dude has several glitches. It’s disheartening to spend my hard earned money on a game for them to release broken heroes this late in development. What’s even more annoying is that no dev has bothered to acknowledge it in this forum. He’s a cool hero tho. Just fix him.

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His bronze is odd to say the least. It isn’t the most damaging skill, but 4 CEP is stuck in the animation and can’t be staggered during the skill, and if the enemy dodges or dies it keeps going. The staggering effect is kinda like Steele’s silver skill, it says it only roots and silences but it also staggers the enemy as a hidden effect preventing them from attacking (tbh I think this is intended for 4 CEP). His gold skill is the buggiest and weirdest skill so far, I can’t tell wtf is going on when 4 CEP ‘dies’, skill says nothing about 4 CEO becoming invincible like gammond or phoenix and usually when he ‘revives’ his health is so low he just dies again straight after. I like 4 CEP, but he definitely has some bugs

This is where the concept of finding good counters comes into play. If a player can’t see well enough to hit 4-CEP, then a Damage Over Time hero is incredibly helpful. Astrix and Phoenix do really good damage against him. It’s one reason I’m getting Phoenix to full melting capacity.

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When 4cep does his fire thing, i just switch players and aaim for his head with any guy open

What if it’s just 4-cep vs only one of you left fighting? :sweat_smile:

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Agreed, his gold can be glitched out and he gets no revive at all, he can freeze on silver and his bronze im okay with it so far

Yeah, his bronze seems to continuously stagger the hero it hits, and from what I can tell it’s non interruptable. Even if I stagger him by breaking his cover, the bronze keeps going. He’s the only hero where that’s the case for a channeled skill - the way it works it almost seems like a better version of flatline’s taser.

Edited to add: I think I’ve even seen his bronze keep going when he’s been killed. That one surely seems like a bug.

It’s not bad in of itself, I just think self-revives are a bit iffy. I actually wish 4-cep just died outright, and then totally revived 5 seconds later. (Like Ifrits Plat, but for himself and shortened to 5 seconds.)


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