Whats up with my 4cep?

Everytime i fight one, they become invulnerable for 5 seconds and reheal but everytime i fight with mine, soon a he hits 0 health dead instantly and no revive. What the hell?! Doesnt make any sense… or theres something im not catching here

Perhaps your’s does not have the skill that revives itself yet.

Mines plat, skills maxed. Want to record it, am i really the only one thats having issues here?

I’ve only played against one 4-CEP. I killed it last because I didn’t want to deal with his gold, and instead of dying, he just went invulnerable for 5 seconds then died. I do think he has some bugs to work out still.

Seems to be working now but there were a few times it was glitchy wheni first started with him. Someone can close this topic, i dont know how, or sure if i can. PS… 4cep gets stuck and cant shoot or move or anything, mine was just stuck for 10 seconds until the cover broke and it freed him. It happened after using his silver on an enemy hero that died before his scalpal hit them. Please check into that, i know thats happening with everybody.

I’ve had mulitple issues with him as well. In co ops and pvp he gets stuck. Seems to happen when I use his silver skill, he gets stuck in the throwing position.

Just had another match where he died straight away, and didnt revive there were no heal blockers on the enemy team, ive also healblocked a 4cep and his gold skill still worked so i know that has nothing to do with it. Devs please fix the issues with him, he is deff a bit buggy, he is a great hero though. Sometimes i keep my head out of cover and keep shooting because i know i will go “invulnerable” and rejuvinate, and when it doesnt happen it really irritates me, because he wasnt suppose to die

Is he supposed to go invulnerable? That isn’t what his skill description says.

Thats whats been happening with him, he goes invulnerable, except mine only goes invulnerable if hes feeling a bit proactive that day. 50/50 chance if it happens. He just dies, no revive, no invulnerability.

Weird. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than dying and coming back. It doesn’t trip the Kurtz/Frank the Shank passives, which is a minus, but it also means he’s a damage sponge for 5 seconds, and can do damage while he’s supposed to be dead, which is a plus.