Has any of the issues with 4cep been addressed?

The (gold) skill not working and he just dies, no heal block and a full team full of health, i should feel safe that his plat is going to work everytime his health reaches 0 but it doesnt. Also his silver causing 4cep to get stuck not being able to do anything for the match. I dont believe these issues have been addressed but they need fixed! Edit… yeah i meant his gold skill not his plat my bad


They been brought up since he released, he’s broke. No developer has bothered to respond. But they’ve responded to other things, there choosing to ignore the issue … pretty weak.


His gold revives (so they say) and I think his plat works, which gives him damage and resistance BTW. I agree he has bugs for sure, but absolutely nothing regarding fixes. His silver tends to freeze 4 CEP if he misses, and does no extra damage when target is already heal blocked, I tested with sapphyr’s heal block attack. No idea what his gold does sometimes it freezes 4 CEP only to kill him or give him full HP and then dies after several seconds


Have you contacted support yet? It may be your best option

His bronze also seems to root opponents it hits - I can’t roll once I’m hit with it. I don’t think that’s intended?

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Is not that they ignore the issue, is that answering the same question hundreds of times is annoying.
They’ re already working on it, give time to time that then everything gets fixed

Back to the original question, has any of his issues been addressed? No, they have not, there has been multiple questions regarding 4-cep and his skills that definitely need to be fixed. Whether the question was asked 1 time or 100 times is irrelevant…im certainly not concerned if it’s annoying for them to hear feed back on a recently released hero who isn’t working correctly.


We are aware of the issues and working on fixing them. :slight_smile:


i just hope to see a fix in his (bronze skill) if he throws the item and the enemy dies before he hits, he just stays like that. cant move or attack until either he gets hit with a strong move or it moves to the next wave.

but glad its being looked into

Thankyou for the response!

It’s still broken as shit. The rez sometimes does not trigger, the beam sometimes seems to have no effect, the damage is totally over the top… It’s hilariously annoying too especially with the completely broken pvp event matchmaking that sets you up constantly against enemies with more stars heroes. Cause we all know that only stars really matter…

What kinda teams are you taking in?